Hartford Food System’s Staff

The HFS staff includes:

All staff can be reached at (860) 296-9325.

Board of Directors, 2016

HFS is governed by a board of directors comprising representatives from Connecticut businesses, government agencies, churches, and community organizations. The board’s primary purpose is to make policy, provide for long-term organizational development and financial oversight, and raise funds. It meets bi-monthly and holds regular committee meetings. Officers and new members are elected annually. The board’s composition reflects the broad diversity of the community it serves.

Current Board Members:

    • President, Marcia Formica
    • Vice-President, Terry Young
    • Secretary, Alex Koenigsberg
    • Treasurer, Maryland Grier
    • Vivian Martinez-Rivera
    • Adrian Myles
    • Tamika Davis
    • Amanda Bruso
    • Sheryl Horowitz-Kiefer
    • Anthony Ciccone
    • Christine Wytrwal
    • Jennifer Holt
    • Max C. Birenbaum
  • Executive Director, Martha Page, MPH, CPH, Ex Officio