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Grow Hartford is a youth program that advocates for social justice and equity by addressing such as food apartheid, racism, and adultism. Our mission is to not only bring awareness to these issues but to also motivate citizens to bring change.


Youth led – Expressed through the decision-making of youth, based on the democratic-system we created within Grow Hartford Youth Program

Community Led – Expressed by people within the community pushing for a change, rather than people from outside the community

Equity for all – Expressed through equal opportunity for all, no matter their socio/ economic status

Food justice – Expressed by providing food access to everyone in a community no matter their socio /
economic status or cultural background

Community Organizing – Expressed through emphasis on getting people together to make a change and stand for a common purpose


Grow Hartford is divided by the academic year and the summer youth employment months:

  • Academic year: Youth meet after school for 5 – 7 hours a week to learn about the intricacies of food access and food justice in the Hartford community. Youth participate in public speaking workshops, political education trainings, leadership skills building trainings – such as facilitation, critical systems analysis, self advocacy and community engagement practices – team building exercises and relationship building, as well as community organizing campaign building. Grow Hartford aligns itself with social movements including the People’s Climate March and the Black Lives Matter movement. If you are interested in volunteering or applying for a year long youth internship, please email us here.


Grow Hartford Youth


  • Summer Youth Employment: Youth are hired to work on our urban farm, where they learn about urban agriculture, explore Hartford’s food system and participate in field trips. During this time, youth are engaged in conversations that explore food justice issues, in particular ways to fight the oppressive systemic structures in our food system. If you are interested in our summer youth employment program, please contact Capital Workforce Partners.


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